Unfiled Taxes

If you owe the IRS, you cannot qualify for an outstanding IRS Tax Resolution program unless you are tax compliant.

You will have additional penalties and interest added to your tax balances

You will not be able to resolve your tax debts and stop collection activity

You will automatically default ANY tax resolution program in the future without being tax compliant

Filing Compliance

In the vast majority of cases the IRS demands taxpayers file personal taxes for approximately the last 6 years if a filing requirement is present. In some instances, States can demand that you file tax returns for a longer period of time.

WARNING! – Many tax professionals will want you to file too many tax returns which costs you more money and puts you at an additional risk of being audited.

Payment Compliance

After we negotiate with the IRS and get you into a tax resolution program, you must pay all future tax liabilities in a timely manner. If you fail to keep your tax payments current with the IRS, you will be in default of the tax resolution program and risk owing the full amount.

3Sixty Tax Resolution goes above and beyond to resolve your current tax issues AND get you on a path moving forward to avoid owing taxes again.


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I would highly recommend. I have been using Steve for about 10 years. We have moved from TN area to Maryland & Alabama. And we still use him. He is very knowledgeable & very willing to help. I would suggest to anyone to give his company a try.
Martha F.
Steve has done our taxes for over 10 years. He is very professional knowledgeable and kind. We would recommend Steve to anyone for their tax needs.
Melissa C.
Steve is great, is always available and able to answer any tax related questions we may have. We’ve been using him for our taxes for the last 10 years.
Justy A.
I have been really happy with service. I have always had my questions answered. I have always had my calls returned. And most of all when I was stressing Steve said its ok we will get it taken care of. I can not type enough words to tell you how grateful I am for the experience this company has.
Michael O.
After selling my house, I had tried to do my own taxes. It was a train wreck. I called Steve and got an appointment. He completed my taxes while I waited and I was off and going with a much better ending than my own attempt. And good company while I waited.
Roxanne C.

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